Welcome to cromosim’s documentation!

Welcome to cromosim’s documentation!

A Python Library for microscopic Crowd Motion Simulation.

The aim of this open source project is to allow users to run simulations based on several models (cellular automata, microscopic simulations or using compartments), to test new configurations, and even to investigate the possibility to program its own model in complex geometry : do-it yourself !

This package proposes Python implementations of the numerical methods detailed in the following book:


Crowds in equations: an introduction to the microscopic modeling of crowds” by B. Maury (ENS Ulm & Univ. Paris-Sud) and S. Faure (CNRS), World Scientific 2018, Advanced textbooks in mathematics.

This documentation concerns the Release 1.0 of cromosim. The new documentation corresponding to the Release 2.0 is available there: http://www.cromosim.fr

This documentation is hosted on a server of the Mathematics Department of Orsay (Univ. Paris-Sud, France).

Laboratoire de Mathématiques d'Orsay Université Paris-Sud

Github repository

Download the source code and the examples here:


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